Affiliate Lifestyle Introduction

by Destiny Oriakhi

March 3, 2024

About Affiliate Lifestyle Introduction

Introducing affiliate marketing

So my goal in the beginning here is to kind of bring you back to reality, and that’s why we going to talk about mindset first. So in the making of this video course I want to make sure that you have the most realistic view of affiliate marketing without all the hypes, so that we can insure that you are in the right mindset before we get started. And I’m a big believer of talking about mindset before we jump into the actual concepts and the fundamentals and all of that, so that makes you absorb data in a more effective way.

Now the reality is that with affiliate marketing, there is a lot of hustle and what I mean by that is that you going to have to do a lot of work. You are not going to do as much work compared to that of a vendor, but there is still a lot of work involved. And as long as you know that this is a real business, this is not a side thing, this is a real business and that you understand also that you don’t want to focus or get too attached to one specific product that you are promoting as an affiliate and you are flexible, I think that’s a better word, then that will help you succeed more.

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