I am sure you have heard of McDonald's.

McDonald's sells 50 million hamburgers a day!

They got started when the McDonald brothers noticed the assembly line system used for making cars... And decided to apply it to making hamburgers!

That little innovation - "stealing" an idea from a different industry, and applying it to their own industry - made them millionaires. Ray Kroc - who did a deal with them to take over their innovative business - made even more money by "turbo-charging" the franchising of their "stolen" innovation!

The point is, the McDonald brothers' innovation - which they took from the car manufacturing industry, and applied to hamburgers - was 100% legal and ethical.

This happens ALL THE TIME!

One guy was in the gym business. One thing he liked was that people joined gyms on a membership deal - and paid over and over, as long as they remained a member.

He "stole" that idea from the gym industry - and brought it to the therapeutic massage industry. With his new business, Massage Envy, instead of customers paying for massages one at a time, they instead paid a repeating membership fee, and got regular massages!

This innovation was so successful, that Forbes magazine ranked Massage Envy as one of the top 20 franchises in the United States!

All Massage Envy did was "steal" an idea - the idea of a recurring membership - from one industry, and apply it to their own industry.

Not Everyone is Aware of This.

Anyone can do it, it's just a matter of being exposed to the right information!

Anyone can do it, it's just a matter of being exposed to the right information!

You only need to be exposed to the RIGHT information, and the exact metrics to monitor. Data like this will change your business model and make you millions. 

I mean, it is perfectly legal, yet not everyone knows exactly how to TRANSFER a tested and working model form a successful industry, and apply it to another. 

But You Can Now!

Dien Rice, Ph.D., founder of the Hidden Business Ideas Letter, made it SO EASY to leap your idea on the tested springs from success industries.

In fact, don't just start on a business; first, read his letter and then apply it to your own industry or business.

This is way better than the endless market research you will have to endure, most of which are just plain waste of time. 

He Did the heavy Lifting Already!

Rice researches small business successes!

As in, those that are doing really well. He writes about them in the Hidden Business Ideas Letter.

He then shares all the details with YOU.

He talks about how these businesses work, the secrets, the pitfalls, the gains, the curves, and how they solved all the problems.


You get to "ethically steal" all the best ideas!

How stealing an idea from another industry made
this business millions - and the steps
for how you can do the same!

You Don't Have to Reinvent The Wheel

Precious time, money and other resources are spent in trying to reinvent the wheel. We often fall into the entrepreneurial pride trap of spending too much time in testing a business model if it would work. 

Wouldn't it be cool to just replicate an already tested and tried business model in your business? Rather than get caught in the pride loop of never-ending research, downtime and burnouts.

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