If you’ve been exploring ways to make some cool cash online, you’re in luck.

Imagine you're navigating the bustling streets of Lagos or the serene landscapes of Enugu, dreaming of an additional income stream that taps into the digital world's vast potential. The internet is a goldmine, and you've just stumbled upon a map leading to a treasure trove: creating and selling websites and blogs with approved AdSense account.

This story below is about how to create AND sell a blog for good money, all within 3 months.

This was originally shared by a Facebook friend of mine. This friend knows what he is saying as he repeatedly profits from it. I have adjusted and expanded it here to accommodate a more robust scope.

This is a super actionable plan to start a blog, get it verified to earn money through AdSense, then sell it for higher yield. The profits from this is really cool.

Before you check it out, please note: This will be more relevant to my Nigerian audience because the figures and challenges are basically peculiar to Nigerians.


“Here’s a Quick Easy Way to Set Up a Simple Website, Approve AdSense on It Earn by Selling It

An Unverified approved AdSense can cost as much as N250,000 now. An unverified approved AdSense is the most basic of the lot.

3 of this in a month is an easy N750K

So read on...

1.) Buy a domain from any popular registrar like Namecheap. Host it on the same platform (e.g. Namecheap) or if you're cutting cost, use the Blogger platform to host the domain. This is easy to do, but if you find it difficult, watch a few YouTube videos on connecting a domain name to a host.

2.) Install WordPress if you're using a paid hosting. Choose an AdSense-friendly theme in the Theme market on WordPress dashboard. If you're using Blogger, you can also check out the theme section to pick an AdSense-friendly theme.

3.) Your website layout is set if you installed a theme correctly. Edit and customize as you please. Decide on a language other than English and Russian. The aim is to create content that has some uniqueness. Ensure these pages are set up - About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Terms of Use. You can create content for these pages using ChatGPT, then edit to fit your niche of choice.

4.) Search on Google for sites that report daily happenings and news related to the niche you're interested in. Copy the content and translate to the language you've chosen FOR your site using any AI translator like Google Translate, Bing Chat, ChatGPT, ETC. Re-read this again. The site you are copying from must be in a language different from your new website's language.

<<Alternatively, you can simply use an AI tool to generate highly relevant content in any niche, which people find useful and search engines love. No need to translate anything from one language to another.The tool is Textbuilder.ai.>>

5.) Create a minimum of 10 posts a day, not less than 300 words. After 30 days, apply for AdSense by creating a Google account and connecting your site to the AdSense part of it. Your AdSense account can have Nigeria as its location regardless of the language used on your site.

6.) Run 1k a day Facebook traffic to your site using the Landing page view option. This ad should run on-going from the time of applying for AdSense until when Google sends you an update. Usually, this takes 14 days so you are basically spending 14K on this. If you have any other preferred traffic source that can give you minimum of tens of unique IP visits daily, feel free to use it in place of Facebook ad traffic.

<<adcreative.io can help you create all your marketing designs in a few clicks>>

7.) Congrats. If you do everything in this post to the letter, your site has a 90% chance of getting approved in 14 days. At this point, you can sell the site plus AdSense as an Unverified Approved account, typically costing N150,000 - N250,000. Or you could earn up to $10 on it and verify it with an ID card and it automatically increases in worth as an ID Verified AdSense (typically costs N300k-450k upwards now).

Please note, there's a constant demand for websites that have approved AdSense on them. You will lose nothing if you can successfully get this done.

Cost of getting this done - N20,000 - 50,000 <<with AI tools, it is probably cheaper>>.

<<AdSense is the least way of earning money from a busy blog. There are three key ways to earn from your blog.

Blogging for Profits: 

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